Webdesign Critism

The Internet Archive, which receives millions in donations, unfortunately fails to hire a talented web developer

Actually I like the Internet Archive very much. I have uploaded some digital artefacts there and regularly make use of the Wayback Machine. But I think it's a pity that so little effort is put into the development of their website.


Wayback Machine (archive.org/web)

Wayback Machine (web.archive.org)

Yes, there are two versions. Don't know why.

Wayback Machine: Save page now

Wayback Machine: Saving page

Wayback Machine: Saving outlinks

Infinite loading animation. Doesn't work.

Wayback Machine: Calendar

Wayback Machine: Site map

Wayback Machine: Summary

Wayback Machine: View capture

Wayback Machine: Not archived

Wayback Machine: Error

Uploading-attempt while not logged in


Account: Posts

Account: Web archives

Account: Settings

Upload item


Item: Write review

Item: Metadata editor

Item: File editor

Item: Manager

Item: History

Item: Outstanding tasks

Item: Deriver queue

Item: Metadata index check

Item: List locations

Item: Playback failed

Item: Not available

All images

Advanced search

Server statistics: Pageviews

Archive statistics

Archive statistics: Audio statistics


By the way: It's quite hard to find the forum because it's not available in the navigation.

Forum: New post

Forum: News





Jobs: Major gifts officer


I didn't mark spelling and grammar mistakes because I don't speak English very well by myself.

I only checked the desktop version. On the mobile version much more goes wrong.

Sorry for only mentioning negative things, but that's the theme of my project "Webdesign Critism".